Everyone, especially those in the entertainment industry have had significant losses in our entertainment family along with severe losses in income since the beginning of the pandemic and very few opportunities have come calling to our segment of the entertainment industry. You can no longer wait for others including your government to give you any significant support to save and maintain what you have already worked so hard to obtain in life. We are disproportionately losing our ability to maintain our business and family standard of life pre-covid. There may be no economic growth for you and your family if you do not become proactive in creating a viable solution now and one which is sustainable for the future. So, let us work together and I’ll place my resources with you if you place yours with me and if we can make others understand that by doing this by the hundreds and by the thousands we can and will “Rise Together”!

We can create, develop and implement new revenue-streams for each of our membership-groups including Venues, Artists, Promoters, Independent-Labels and even those that will subscribe to this new and inclusive entertainment community. You see on Black Entertainment Live everyone wins because everyone has a chance to earn revenue and that means you. By working together we will raise the quality of life for each of our membership-groups by creating new revenue-streams that pay-to-play.

We utilize today’s quintessential internet communication tools to develop several revenue-streams for our community of entertainers and fans. These tools primarily are designed to deliver an “onsite” experience to an “offsite” audience in this new pandemic society that we all must learn to not only survive in but thrive in if we are to rise in.

Uniting Artists, Promoters, Indies and Hotties resources (Fans/Friends/Followers) in the B.E.LIVE community will serve each of you individually as well as collectively. You can now perform for an audience made up of not only your own fan-base, but an audience that comes from hundreds if not thousands of like-minded artists, promoters, indies and others that come to Pay-2-View your performance online via B.E.LIVE. You may can boast 5,000+ fans as your potential online fan-base and that would be good, but what could happen for you when you have the fan-base of 100 more artists bringing their 5,000+ fans onto that same platform looking for content and concerts such as yours. We’re talking now of (5,000(fans) x 100(artists) = 500,000 (fans/viewers) and that would be only the beginning as the community will continue to grow creating even greater audience and revenue potential. You and Black Entertainment Live is going to leverage your fan-base with those of others that join us here into a viewing audience of millions and yes even tens of millions so that those that are like us also win in 2021 post-covid and within this new pandemic society.

Join B.E.LIVE and become an industry leader no more waiting on anyone but yourself, so if you give a hand we will lend a hand and we hope you do understand the difference. So once again, “We Get Together To Come Together To Rise Together” and we are here for the betterment of each individual and that means YOU. Register Now and we’ll lend you a hand as a member of B.E.LIVE entertainment community today!

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