We now live in a new pandemic-era and post-covid we are definitely going to be forced to make very difficult choices as to how we interact with our fans and followers in the entertainment industry. Today’s world is unlike yesterday’s and surviving in it will depend on you realizing that your career cannot survive with yesterday’s approach to marketing and promotions. How we market ourselves and conduct our physical interactions with our fans are now very limited in scope. We must discover new safer and better choices not only for ourselves but for our fans and followers.

We have determined that “COLLABORATION” amongst Artists, Promoters, Independent-Labels and other unique entertainers will be key not only to the industry, but to your individual financial survival. Combining and leveraging the fan-bases of the many can benefit the success of the individual this is what we need you to understand. Collectively, we can bring like-minded talented influencers like yourself together to begin this new online community whereby everyone shares their resources to increase everyone’s audience size and potential revenues. The pandemic has made it clear that certain segments of society has been disproportionately underserved, neglected and abused especially in the business of entertainment and that we must take it upon ourselves to correct this misuse and abuse now. You can no longer sit passively by and hope the calvary is gonna come and rescue people like us. We here at Black Entertainment Live strongly suggest that “We Get Together To Come Together To Rise Together” therefore we can and must work together, now I ask, are you ready for this?


                                                   LAS VEGAS LEGENDARY “PHIL FLOWERS”

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