We Get Together to Come Together to Rise Together


$5,000.00 minimum per concert guaranteed (requires 500 of your fans as new subscribers)

First thing is you need to join the B.E.LIVE artists on the B.E.LIVE platform whom all share their resources their fan-bases and followers with each other as you can now share yours with them. You see, our most basic tenet is truly “we get together to come together to rise together” so we all eat together and here you can feast together.

Once again, you have a choice to go it alone or join those like-minded artists who have already brought their full support to the table and will break bread with you every day. Everyone here has emptied their shelves and brought their very best with them as a good offering for the “individual” success of their fellow artists. Remember, the more strands used to make a rope the stronger the rope, now add your strand to the strength of the rope and use it to pull not only you but your fellow artists up to a much higher level of success than what is enjoyed today.

67068535_2614743051898925_2448728685591658496_n-ca4f3b57Now take a closer look at what awaits you with these revenue-streams on the B.E.LIVE platform. Your first revenue streams are attached to our Chat features and we used it most effectively with your pre-concert and post-concert online (Pay-2-Chat) audience whom all of course very much desire to have immediate chat access to you. So, we give them real-time online chat access to you, and they are of course your fans are more than willing to Pay-2-Chat for this access.

Whenever you perform a concert you can have a pre-concert and post-concert CHAT session with this new  combined audience from 100’s and even 1000’s of resourceful B.E.LIVE artists just like you. This new audience has come online to enjoy your “individual” concert performance and are excited to PAY-2-CHAT with you right now. Example, if we set the minimum chat-rate for you at only $0.50 a minute and there’s thousands of people whom have come online to view not only your concert but looking for a chance to actually chat with you pre-concert and post-concert during this event so let’s just say for argument sake you have only (100) people logged-in to chat with you at a low rate of only $0.50 per minute (i.e. $.50 X 100 = $50 per minute) you actually will be generating $3,000 per hour. Now if you do these same number for Pre-Concert and Post-Concert Chat you will have generated an additional $6,000 because you have leveraged the combined resources of your fellow B.E.LIVE artists fans and resources driven to your individual event.

We shall assist you, teach you and train you on how to keep your audience engaged and entertained long enough to make you incredible revenue every minute and by the hour. Where can you add value for access to you like anywhere, well as a wise man once said, “why give it away when you can sell it”. Remember this “you can’t expect to get paid over here for access if you continue to give access to you away free over there” and you know you’ve been giving it away for free. So, pack up and check out and move your access over here to B.E.LIVE today and that mean right now. Well, what are you waiting on because so many of you have been chatting for free all-over social media and all over town if you get this then I know that sh*t about to end, and we are here to tell you that it can end right here on B.E.LIVE?


Now, let’s look at the second revenue stream (Pay-Per-View/PPV) so we say if you had 5000 fans and only 10% of them logged-in to listen to your concert online that means you will have 500 fans as your audience. Therefore, if B.E.LIVE had only 100 artists like yourself whom had previously produced the same number of fans (500) on this platform the audience could be calculated like this i.e.

500 (fans) X 100 (artists) = 50,000 (fans) for  your concert viewing.

So, these 50,000 fans could be charged just $1 per hour of viewing if they logged into your concert. All our subscribers pay a monthly membership fee to have access at such ridiculous low prices. Therefore you can correctly expect a high percentage of viewing audience for your events. let’s say you generated  50,000 viewing hours during your live (2) hour event you would have generated $50,000 from a concert that your audience had to pay $1 per hour to view so how amazing is that. Did I mention that during your event the audience can purchase all your fan merchandise (music, apparel and more).

Now let’s look at the third revenue stream for you which is an extension of your previous Pay-Per-View (PPV) concert, but now it’s a (Video-On-Demand/VOD) available for viewing 24/7. Yes, once your concert is over, we archive that concert so others who were not able to view it “live” as a PPV will have a chance to view it later at their leisure as VOD. We keep all your concerts in archive for one year because as our company grow so does our online subscriber-base and this increases your online audience and your overall annual earning potential from each concert. Your merchandise including music will be always available for sale. We pay you 30% of all revenue that is generated from VOD for one year. Therefore, when you receive 100,000 VOD viewings of your concert which has a minimum one dollar ($1) per hour fee charged to the subscribers you would have generated at a 30% payrate  $30,000. Let’s not forget this concert has past and you are still benefiting financially from it substantially. So many people are going to enjoy your concert in the comfort of their home without having to drive across town to your concert without getting publicly intoxicated or being in a potential accident or risk getting a DUI ticket from the police. They won’t worry about the weather if it’s too cold or too hot and not worrying about the cost of going to a venue food, drinks or parking because you have brought your concert to their home or phone On-Demand day or night.

Now let’s look at your 4th revenue stream because you are who you are meaning you have experience, and you have knowledge of the industry. You have things that you can share with others such as trade- secrets or perhaps that little something extra that only you know or very few others know. Well now you can share that here and get paid to do so B.E.LIVE. Launch your very own “live” video presentation (WEBCAST) on this platform to our subscribers your fans and followers and they are willing to pay to hear something of value from you. Your webcast can be 30mins to 1hr. and cost each subscriber as little as $.10 per min to join in and they can chat with you during your webcast if you select. You are the one with the answers to their questions and suspicions that they are not clear on. Every webinar or discussion that you have has a minimum fee of $0.10 per minute to join you in a discussion to gain the insight to an issue that they are open to hear. Now, once again you would be advertising your webinar here and on social media to a global audience for maximum audience exposure. Look at what can happen with as little as 5,000 fans login to listen to your webcast and each of them are paying the lowest rate possible of only $.10 per min. the math would look like this


5,000 (fans) X $.10 per min = $500 per min.

$500 per min. X 30 min. (webinar) = $15,000*

I think it’s time to join your fellow artists and fans here on the B.E.LIVE platform. “We Get Together To Come Together To Rise Together”, at least here we do!

*Your revenue split is 50% therefore you earn $7,500 for a 30-minute webinar at the lowest rate possible of only 10 cent per minute per fan/subscriber.