Let’s talk about black entertainment life is not just entertainment but black entertainment live the purpose for live entertainment is golden is food for the sole purpose of music is essential music is healing music therapy music is fun and exciting it makes you wanna dance it makes you wanna cry it makes you laugh music is poetry in motion Music is very soulful like Entertainment live is soulful and is the heartbeat of music as a Artist The lyrics will tell the story of experiences throughout life maybe some maybe some that you have experience lyrics speaks Volumes. When in the presence of live entertainment then and only then will you be able to be pulled in and captivated by the music or And the artist then you can see the body language in the expressions of what they’re really singing in sane and then you become a part of everything that’s taking place at the time music and bring memories remind you of other occasions even when you had your first kiss live entertainment is most definitely an experience Why black entertainment live because it’s the footprint of what music is all about.

As we have entered a new era, a COVID influenced era, the way we think about entertainment has been challenged. We’ve been challenged with the burden of finding new ways to socialize, enjoy life, break up the mundane and live a little. Being a performer, songwriter and promoter in Las Vegas, the no. 1 destination spot for adult fun, I have seen the effects of COVID on entertainment. Places and performers that we know and love, we can’t go and enjoy anymore. Here are my questions: Do we sit and allow a pandemic to control our lives, or do we get busy in finding ways to continue to enjoy life?
When a challenge presents itself, we become our most innovative and creative selves.This is why I love the Black Entertainment Live Concept! It streams our FAVORITE performers LIVE. We can watch from anywhere in the world! No longer do we have to wait for someone to give us a green light on nightlife. We can continue to enjoy the entertainers we’ve all come to know and love. Now that’s entertainment.


Black Entertainment Live allows you to experience the mood, melody and the music.  It’s Live! In a world of Live music and black entertainment in the privacy of your own spot.  Teaming up with local artist and mature entertainment in a world that’s launching a exclusive experience with internet hooray. Black Entertainment Live is well recognized by many brands in today’s world.

You’re exclusive experience: Private Chat, Members Only,VIP Membership and socializing with benefits.

J. Feliz Hardy (CEO) launched Black Entertainment Live, with this music platform it has been soothing to my soul.  The gospel music piece is so uplifting and enlightening to my spiritual mine body and soul.

Black Entertainment Live is driving the social live entertainment to the next higher level.  Black Entertainment Live

Will become a cultural touchstone by the year 2021.  There will be millions of people logged in on the platform, enjoying a multitude of great entertainment.  Black Entertainment Live is providing content and keeping you connected to the latest live entertainment in the world.

I have been infected with the love of Black Entertainment Live, and It behoove you to taste the mood, melody and  music.

Love You

Goddess C.

What’s new in the entertainment industry?

Real question. Statistics say that the entertainment industry was set to rise phenomenally between 2020 and 2025. Could this be true with the ongoing outcome of recent world events? The answer, Yes. Now an even better question. How? The answer you are about to receive is one that any individual connected to the entertainment industry can appreciate.

The global music industry is estimated at a worth of over $50 billion and with a substantial amount of that being generated by live entertainment, the industry has taken a major hit due to Covid-19 with a projected loss of $9 billion if they don’t figure something out soon. Artists, promoters and venues alike are suffering. Not to mention the faithful fans of such who now have little to no options for parlay or live entertainment.

Let’s introduce you to Black Entertainment Live. What is it? Black Entertainment live is the newest platform where not only artists are able to make money in current times and beyond, but also its members. Yes. You read correctly, by just being a member on this platform you too will not only have chance to view live performances by your favorite headliners down to your local artists, but you can also make money to enjoy on the platform itself all the way up to your living expenses. Does your current music platform do that?

The staff at Black Entertainment Live have put together a platform where Artists, promoters and venues alike can come together, generate revenue and continue to give music fans what they are so eagerly waiting for.

Here’s a brief picture, the artist or promoter gets the support of you, the fan, to subscribe on the platform and view their live concert at an introductory rate. You subscribe and now have access to view that concert live at a discounted pay per view rate, or video on demand, one of the many services also offered to Black Entertainment Live members. Now that you’re signed up, you see that not only can you watch not just one of your favorite local artist, but local artists from other cities AND major headlining artists such as Jill Scott or Chris Brown at little to nothing compared to other platforms. The artist and promoter have made vast revenue just like that and you are elated because you were able to visually see and feel the emotions of the artist perform again and feel like you were actually there.

Now for some fun stuff. What if you could send your favorite artist a drink? What if you had access to chat with the artist before and after the show? Imagine being able to chat with party goers that may catch your eye and with a simple click on their profile you can connect with that special someone and even send them their favorite cocktail. How much more enjoyable would your night be if you could make extra money by just having a profile on the platform? These are just a few of the perks you will receive by becoming a subscribed member on the Black Entertainment Live platform. So you see friends the platform is set up for all to win.

…See you online!

African Americans musical innovations have influenced artists in almost every corner of the world. African American music is music created, produced, or inspired by people of African descent. My favorite and the most influential entertainer is Michael Jackson. He is the greatest entertainer of all time and is also one of the many great black entertainers that I have had the pleasure to listen to in my era. Black musics message and meaning demonstrates the invaluable impact black people have had on the music we know and listen to today. Black Entertainment Live has the potential to inspire millions of people globally. 
I am excited about the endless possibilities that black entertainment has to offer people all around the world, especially during the current state that the world is in due to the coronavirus pandemic. Black Entertainment Live affords us a safe and cautious environment to enjoy black entertainment and also offers us an ingenious and creative way to continue to celebrate the diversity of music pioneered by black people. This is all offered to us from the safety and comfort of our own homes. Black Entertainment Live brings you concerts and comedy virtually.

Let’s keep black music ALIVE with “Black Entertainment Live”!