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What is a “Hottie”, well many will say is that external beauty that attracts others?

A B.E.LIVE Hottie can be male or female and exhibits every shape, height and shade of melanin under the sun.

Social media has helped many individuals discover that they are hotties by gaining huge followings of fans and friends on several social platforms. Most hotties will have thousands or tens of thousands in their fan-base. So, my question is are you a HOTTIE?

Well, being a hottie on B.E.LIVE you definitely have to first qualify. Qualifying only requires that your fans will follow you wherever you ask them too. So, let’s get them here on B.E.LIVE where they can make some more money to spend on you. That’s right every subscriber here earns money that they can spend on you so let me tell you how to qualify right away.

When you sign up as a hottie the first requirement is to have at least 100 of your fans/followers become 100 new subscribers on B.E.LIVE platform just like you have. You can do this by utilizing the unique-link created and issued to you when you signed-up on B.E.LIVE. You can send this link via any of the social media websites you use now, and you can Email or DM the link to your friends, fans and followers. Once they click on the link they are directed to the B.E.LIVE website where they can now register as a new subscriber and you will be given the credit for their registration. Remember it only take the first 100 registrations for you to qualify as a Hottie and now you can start receiving the benefits and access only Hotties can receive on B.E.LIVE.

We want the world to discover you so we’re going to help promote you as a B.E.LIVE Hottie since you have now qualified as a hottie here on B.E.LIVE. If you didn’t know our primary service is the online broadcasting of performing artists usually musical artists. We broadcast “live” concerts of local and global Artists on B.E.LIVE. Now, what we have discovered is that most people rarely go to concerts alone and if they do, they are normally looking for someone to meet at the concert to enjoy it with, don’t you? Now who doesn’t want a Hottie to kick-it with while enjoying the concert, especially these days of with so much isolation. So, get paid to make yourself available to 10’s of thousands and soon 100’s of our online concert goers who are willing to Pay-2-Play with you time and time again. We promote you via your videos, pics and your B.E.LIVE profile and they pay for access just to view your profile and pay even more of course to chat with you while they are online watching the concert event of such artists as Ne-Yo, Chris Brown or Fantasia. This is a new way to enjoy an online concert by enjoying it with you online and by the way you can make 100’s and even 1000’s of dollars during each and every concert. You can even qualify to attend any of these concerts yourself and make even more money while physically at the concert.

So, let’s look at one example:

We have a concert being broadcast with “The Baby” with over 100,000 viewers attending and you have qualified to have your profile featured during this concert. That means you have an opportunity to entice and intrigue this online audience to pay to view your profile. The viewing may be as little as $.50 (50 cent). During the concert event these only 5,000 of the 100,000 viewers paid 50 cents to view your profile (Pay-2-View). You would have generated $2,500 in revenue which we share equally with you and therefore you just earned $1,250 without chatting with anyone but simply by those enticed by your short video-clip or pic.

Now, if by this example the 5,000 viewers who paid to view your profile you were able to keep just 30 of them chatting (Pay-2-Chat) with you at any given time during the concert broadcast at a minimum chat rate of $.30 (30 cent) per minute you would being paid $30(rate) X 30(subscribers) = $9.00 per minute. Now at $9 per min. X 60 mins per hour = $540 per hour. So, most concerts have (2) one-hour performances, so you can make using this example at least $1,080 dollars from chatting at the lowest Chat-Rate possible for approx. (2) hours, pretty good don’t you think. How about you can raise your own rate anytime you want during the concert.

Well, we are not done with you because when you make money, we make money so let’s make even more money, ok.

Perhaps, you have experience and knowledge others could profit from and many are willing to listen and pay you for it, so let’s get paid once again. You will be able to set up your own webinar your own discussion board your own forum where you can discuss things that you know about and others are willing to know about it and they’re willing to pay to hear about it from you. once again you create your flyer your promotional item it may be a short video of an upcoming WEBINAR that you’re going to have on B.E.LIVE platform. Now everyone on the platform will hear about it but let’s just say if there were only 100,000 people on the platform and you were able to get just one thousand of them to listen to you discuss that which you are, they professional at knowledgeable at well each of them would have to pay a minimal of $0.10 per minute to listen to you to get this knowledge. but you have 1000 people paying $0.10 a minute with 1000 people paying $0.10 a minute you are actually making $100 per minute and even with a one hour webinar that’s 60 minutes times $100 per minute which equals $6000 so now you’ve made $6000 and we split that 5050 equally between you and B.E.LIVE so you made $3000 now imagine so that everyone can hear your webinar on this subject you do want in the morning and one in the evening that means you potentially can make not just $3000 plus $6000 making it convenient for the entire 100,000 people on the platform and we’re not done yet since your webinar was such a success we’re going to archive it for one year so that even those who did not hear it or wants to hear it again can go back and retrieve it Anna listen and pay you again isn’t that wonderful you see we here at BE live are going to help you increase your revenue streams upgrade your lifestyle and make sure you maintain the social status that you desire .

Now the last thing I would like to put on your mind is if you qualify to go to a concert physically wherever that concert is being broadcast be it a restaurant night club or any venue that may sell food and drinks those online who would be viewing you at the concert chatting with you while you at the concert at an increase rate may also purchase you DRINKS & FOOD many will do this to get your attention to separate themselves from the pack. The way this works is online you at the baby concert and there’s 100,000 viewers and you’re probably at least a eight 9 or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 so with 100,000 viewers you may have just 1% of them they buy you a drink or food now the minimum that they can pay for a drink on our platform is $10 so if 1000 people bought you a drink at a cost of $10 then $10,000 is generated and we share this with you equally so you’ve now earned $5000 from those buying you drinks of course you can’t drink 1000 drinks but that’s not the point that money goes into your account for you to use as you choose on the B.E.LIVE platform.

The fifth revenue stream is similar to some social media site that have you collecting FRIENDS from anywhere and everywhere you can find them so that they too can become a source of revenue that once again they pay you not even a dime for. Well here at B.E.LIVE, we say no more of that either it’s time you get Paid-2-Play and friends over here will pay. Therefore all members can become your friend if they Pay-2-Play and they must pay here for the same access you give elsewhere for FREE. There is a minimum of $1U.S. (one dollar) that give them a month long access to visit your file and each month they have to continue to pay to be your FRIEND. Therefore, we are willing to help you get paid with our 50/50 split policy. Those 5,000+ friends you have on those plantation sites whom pay you nothing well we will pay you for the 5,000+ you bring here to B.E.LIVE each and every month. Let’s do the math together