As we have entered a new era, a COVID influenced era, the way we think about entertainment has been challenged. We’ve been challenged with the burden of finding new ways to socialize, enjoy life, break up the mundane and live a little. Being a performer, songwriter and promoter in Las Vegas, the no. 1 destination spot for adult fun, I have seen the effects of COVID on entertainment. Places and performers that we know and love, we can’t go and enjoy anymore. Here are my questions: Do we sit and allow a pandemic to control our lives, or do we get busy in finding ways to continue to enjoy life?
When a challenge presents itself, we become our most innovative and creative selves.This is why I love the Black Entertainment Live Concept! It streams our FAVORITE performers LIVE. We can watch from anywhere in the world! No longer do we have to wait for someone to give us a green light on nightlife. We can continue to enjoy the entertainers we’ve all come to know and love. Now that’s entertainment.