Current events such as the pandemic has forced most promoters to take a pause with initiating any further event-planning under their current business models. Most must continue to search for new ways to create revenue to maintain their business, family, lifestyle and very survival during this pandemic as we also worry and contemplate the next one. We have been busy developing viable solutions for our segment of the entertainment industry and now we are ready to deploy and direct promoters like yourself to these new viable solutions and help you take the lead in your own marketplace. You must continue to network and make financially beneficial connections whenever possible to assist you as you focus and forge ahead with your 2021 financial goals. Black Entertainment Live (B.E.LIVE) can now offer individuals like yourself solutions for many of the challenges of the day. We will give you access to the industry’s new “live” entertainment platform to host your events while bringing your fans/followers with you and it is possible to do this with ease.

Say you have a fanbase or a following of at least 7,000 fans/friends that you always call on to support your events and you may average about 10% in ticket sales (700 fans/700 tickets).

7,000 fans X 10% = 700 ticket sales
Your estimated ticket cost: $20 to $40 per person
Therefore, the gross revenue would be between $14,000 to $28,000 per event.

Our platform offers you a chance to partner with other promoters like yourself from every City and State in this country to those in other countries around the globe. You can utilize all their efforts and their fanbase to increase your online event profitability. So, let us look at the math for a minute and say you utilized the platform for a concert event with a local artist you believe warrants this type of exposure and you have at least 700 of your followers come online to view your artist in concert and it only cost them one dollar ($1.00) per show. Because we are leveraging the efforts of not just one promoter but 100’s or even 1,000’s your artist viewing audience has increased to numbers like these.

Avg Promoter has 700 followers subscribing to B.E.LIVE platform to receive their content for as little as $1 per show.
700 fans X 100 promoters = 70,000 fans
$1 per show X 70,000 fans = $70,000 gross revenue
Promoter receives 50% of the concert gross (PPV) = $35,000*
*There are (4) revenue-streams available PPV is only one of them.

We get together in effort to come together so that we may rise together for the betterment of the one!

What possibilities of not just 70,000 but 700,000 fans paying to view your artist show could do for your bottom-line today and tomorrow and just how many artists and shows can you produce?
Well, B.E. Live guarantee you a minimum of $7,000 per show and we pay for everything to put on a full-production show except that which typically go on the stage to do the performance.
Black Entertainment Live is where EVERYONE from our Subscribers, Artist to Promoters and Independent-Labels can all make money and profitable connections.