– We Get Together to Come Together to Rise Together  –

The fourth revenue stream has to do with what is important to you to discuss on our platform whatever is important to you is probably important to others and you can share this through your own webinar. .You’re a webinar discussion group or form is monetized here that is others who would like to listen to you who would like to join in who like to gain insight are willing to pay for that therefore you have a new revenue stream and lightning an empowering other. So, let’s take a look how that is monetized let’s say you post that you’re doing a discussion on what it is you’re an expert at let’s just say publishing you want to do a discussion on publishing or give a WEBINAR on publishing or have a form on publishing I’ll give professional information or experience that you had or others are publishing any way you look at it any way you like to present it it’s going to be monetized so once you publish your promotion and invite others to join you from the thousands and 10’s of thousands of members on our site you may have as few as 100 people join you yes this is a very small number but I want you to understand the power of this small number so you can enjoy the benefits of the larger ones.so the minimum rate that everyone must pay to join any discussion group or form or webinar is $0.10 credit per minute.so if there are only 100 people at any given time during your webinar who’s paying $0.10 a minute you making $10 per minute an at $10 per minute times 60 minute your webinar earned $600 per hour. This revenue stream is also shared 50/50 would B.E.LIVE, so your share of the $600 per hour is $300 per hour and like I said before most of us are not earning $300 per hour on our jobs but here on B.E.LIVE many of you will make a lot more than this don’t you think.  So, if you have two hours a day to chat you could be earning $600 for the day and have a lot of fun doing it meeting new friends and fans what could be more exciting.

Well, I have something to tell you and that is you too could qualify to become a hottie yes, a B.E.LIVE “HOTTIE” And there are some new benefits that are only available for Hotties. To qualify as a hottie, you need to bring 100 new subscribers onto the B.E.LIVE platform that means once 100 of your fans in Friends have joined you can get credit to join B.E.LIVE as a hottie that is 100 new subscribers through your unique link that you received when you joined B.E.LIVE and placed on social media or sent in text messages or even an email produce 100 new subscribers to our platform you now can qualify as he HOTTIE and hotties will have absolutely some of the best fun to come!

The fifth revenue stream is similar to some social media site that have you collecting FRIENDS from anywhere and everywhere you can find them so that they too can become a source of revenue that once again they pay you not even a dime for. Well here at B.E.LIVE, we say no more of that either it’s time you get Paid-2-Play and friends over here will pay. Therefore all members can become your friend if they Pay-2-Play and they must pay here for the same access you give elsewhere for FREE. There is a minimum of $1U.S. (one dollar) that give them a month long access to visit your file and each month they have to continue to pay to be your FRIEND. Therefore, we are willing to help you get paid with our 50/50 split policy. Those 5,000+ friends you have on those plantation sites whom pay you nothing well we will pay you for the 5,000+ you bring here to B.E.LIVE each and every month. Let’s do the math together

You have 5,000 x $1 = $5,000 month

$5,000 split 50/50 with B.E.LIVE = $2,500 month for Y.O.U.!

Now, tell me have you received this type of compensation for your hard work to obtain friends for them???

*All Subscriber Benefits are paid as Monetary Credits that can be used to make purchases within the Black Entertainment Live (B.E.LIVE) community. Credits can also be assigned to pay your Utilities (Water, Gas, Electric and Internet), Auto Payments, Residential Rent Pymt., Residential Mortgage Pymt.
** Black Entertainment Live (B.E.LIVE) is a subscription-base community and to provide you with the maximum subscription benefits at all times the maximum subscription fees ($49.95) will be deducted from your B.E.LIVE account by default when available.


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