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Black Entertainment Live has created unique revenue streams for its Subscribers


Each of our B.E.LIVE subscribers have at least four (4) revenue streams that collectively are totally unique to the Black Entertainment Live community.

The first revenue stream I like to talk about is once you have your membership subscription you are given a unique link to use to promote not only yourself but B.E.LIVE also. This link you can share on your other social media sites you can email it you can text it to your friends and fans. This link allows your friends and fans to come and join you on B.E.LIVE. Once they are Subscribers on B.E.Live you are paid $1 credit for everyone that has used your unique link to become a member. So let’s look at it this way how many friends do you have on Facebook how many followers do you have on Instagram 5000 thousand 10,000 or more so let’s say you send your link out to your social media friends and followers telling them the exciting things they can do on B.E.LIVE and the amount of money that they can make on B.E.LIVE an out of the 10,000 or more you get 1000 of them this month to come over and join you at B.E.LIVE you would have made $1000 in revenue from B.E.LIVE all 100% of this goes to you let’s call it a commission you’ve just earned. So, if you had 2000 come over you would have earned $2000 you get the picture don’t you, this can amount to hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month to your benefit .

The second revenue stream I like to talk about is once you become a new member/subscriber you create your own personal profile which cannot be          accessed without by others without paying for such access. We believe access to you should not be free, your time is valuable and time is money, if you are not worth a dime to someone then they’re not worth your time. Therefore, they must Pay-2-View before you grant them access to your file for viewing and communicating with you or any subscriber. The cost of this could be as low as $0.30 credit for access to your profile. So, let’s look at it this way if during the day you have 100 people who look at your profile and they paid $0.30 to view it you made $30 you share your profits with B.E.LIVE equally as a 50/50 split so out of the $30 that was generated from your profile views you made $15. Therefore, if you were to do this every day 30 days a month you will make nearly $450 per-month. So let’s look at it this way as beautiful as you are you are getting more than 100 people per day viewing your profile for only $0.30 you are getting perhaps 200 Members viewing your profile every day at only $0.30 per view that means you are creating $0.30 times 200 equals $60 per day remember this revenue strain you share with BE live 50/50 so that means you’re making $30 a day and $30 a day times 30 days in a month equals $900 a month And I’m betting many of you will be having a lot more views than even 200.

The third revenue stream as a subscriber is communicating with you chatting (Pay-2-Chat) so far you made money on the 1st revenue stream by inviting your friends and fans the second revenue stream by allowing access to your profile the third revenue stream is now people see how beautiful you are and they want to chat with you yes they want to take up some of your time they want to communicate with you well of course they have to pay the play so the least expensive rate per minute to chat is $0.30 credit per minute and of course you can chat with many people at the same time so let’s take a closer look at how this works so you are online Abe live in many people are viewing your profile so out of the hundreds of people may be viewing your profile you have 30 of them who are chatting with you at any given time we will be showing you how to reduce the number of people or increase the number of people who wishes to chat with you and how to make money either way but let’s get back to the example of 30 of them chatting with you at the same time remember the lowest rate that they can be paying to chat is $0.30 per minute so if it’s 30 of them at the same time chatting they’re all paying $0.30 a minute which equals $9 per minute for you at $9 per minute 60 minutes in an hour that’s $540 per hour. Now this revenue stream you also share with B.E.LIVE equally that is a 50/50 split Therefore you make $270 per hour for just chatting and there will be some who will make exceedingly more temp $270 per hour the question is will it be you .

The fourth revenue stream has to do with what is important to you to discuss on our platform whatever is important to you is probably important to others and you can share this through your own webinar. .You’re a webinar discussion group or form is monetized here that is others who would like to listen to you who would like to join in who like to gain insight are willing to pay for that therefore you have a new revenue stream and lightning an empowering other. So, let’s take a look how that is monetized let’s say you post that you’re doing a discussion on what it is you’re an expert at let’s just say publishing you want to do a discussion on publishing or give a WEBINAR on publishing or have a form on publishing I’ll give professional information or experience that you had or others are publishing any way you look at it any way you like to present it it’s going to be monetized so once you publish your promotion and invite others to join you from the thousands and 10’s of thousands of members on our site you may have as few as 100 people join you yes this is a very small number but I want you to understand the power of this small number so you can enjoy the benefits of the larger the minimum rate that everyone must pay to join any discussion group or form or webinar is $0.10 credit per if there are only 100 people at any given time during your webinar who’s paying $0.10 a minute you making $10 per minute an at $10 per minute times 60 minute your webinar earned $600 per hour. This revenue stream is also shared 50/50 would B.E.LIVE, so your share of the $600 per hour is $300 per hour and like I said before most of us are not earning $300 per hour on our jobs but here on B.E.LIVE many of you will make a lot more than this don’t you think.  So, if you have two hours a day to chat you could be earning $600 for the day and have a lot of fun doing it meeting new friends and fans what could be more exciting .

Well, I have something to tell you and that is you too could qualify to become a hottie yes, a B.E.LIVE “HOTTIE” And there are some new benefits that are only available for Hotties. To qualify as a hottie, you need to bring 100 new subscribers onto the B.E.LIVE platform that means once 100 of your fans in Friends have joined you can get credit to join B.E.LIVE as a hottie that is 100 new subscribers through your unique link that you received when you joined B.E.LIVE and placed on social media or sent in text messages or even an email produce 100 new subscribers to our platform you now can qualify as he HOTTIE and hotties will have absolutely some of the best fun to come!

*All Subscriber Benefits are paid as Monetary Credits that can be used to make purchases within the Black Entertainment Live (B.E.LIVE) community. Credits can also be assigned to pay your Utilities (Water, Gas, Electric and Internet), Auto Payments, Residential Rent Pymt., Residential Mortgage Pymt.
** Black Entertainment Live (B.E.LIVE) is a subscription-base community and to provide you with the maximum subscription benefits at all times the maximum subscription fees ($49.95) will be deducted from your B.E.LIVE account by default when available.