– Do You Have Something To Say Worth Paying For –


Spit Knowledge, Perspective, Insight, Wisdom or just the gossip of the day and get Paid-2-Speak with your very own webcast. This is a good time to monetize words of wisdom or good old fashion BS, but get paid when they pay to listen to it from you.

First, start you a SUBSCRIBER MEMBERSHIP and bring to the community (100) NEW PAID-SUBSCRIBERS and you qualify to have (2) webinars (30mins each) within 30 days of qualifying. It does not matter if you are already signup as an Artist, Promoter, Indie, or Hottie you will need a Subscriber Account separately. You will also earn with this Subscriber Account a Credit equivalent to $1 for each of these new subscribers you bring and this revenue-credits is used within the community. This revenue is credited to your account each and every month your subscribers stay paid up as an active member in our community. We look forward to hearing from you on your many webinars as we know we won’t be the only one listening for sure.

You can create your own artistic and video promos and launch them within and outside the community to bring in your fans/friends and followers. Webinars can start as low as $.10 (10 cent) per minute/per logged-in subscriber which equates as follows:

example#1 100 subscribers X $.10per min. = $10per min. and now $10per min. X 30mins = $300*

example#2    1000 subscribers X $.10per min. = $100per min. and now $100per mi. X 30mins = $3000*

*All revenues generated from webinars are subject to a 50/50 split with Black Entertainment Live LLC (B.E.LIVE)