Why Collaboration

I don’t know why someone hadn’t thought of this before. This is so simple to figure out and should be easy for us all as entertainers to execute with our own fan-base immediately. We are talking about a way every entertainer wins not only for themselves, but also for their fans/followers and friends. You will be giving your fan-base the ability to retrieve media and content from a much larger repository of the top local and global artists at the lowest cost available ($1per-concert hour) for Music and Comedic Entertainment “live”.

You simply bring your fans (min. 500) to register as subscribers to the B.E.LIVE community so that they can support you doing your live concert broadcast and simultaneously there are other Artists, Promoters, Independent-labels and Hotties doing the same with their fan-bases.

By many of us in the industry leveraging not just our own efforts but combining the efforts of so many others working to achieve the same we can create our own entertainment community where we can offer our new fanbase “live” concerts for as low as $1.00 per show. I see so many benefits offered on B.E.LIVE to generate revenue here for artists and fans alike, so I can only hope we do collaborate and grow B.E.LIVE entertainment community with one wise artist at a time.

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